Test Results
Real Device Test
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Hardware & Software Setup
Connectivity to TOG Servers
Expected Call Quality
Hardware & Software Setup
Move something in view of the camera to check that it is working.
Say something in the microphone to check that it is working.
Connectivity to TOG Servers
API Server
TOG API Server - Test Failed
Connects to TOG and used for session initialization and signaling.
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Messaging WebSocket
TOG Messaging WebSocket - Test Failed
Clients send and receive TOG session-related messages using this WebSocket.
Media Server
TOG Media Server - Test Failed
Clients send audio and video to our media server for intelligent and efficient routing to their destination.
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Error running call quality test
Expected Call Quality
Determining video quality...
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  • Video Packet Loss: Loading
  • Video Bitrate: Loading
A MOS (mean opinion score) rating is a measure of audio or video quality. In subjective scoring, a user is asked to rate quality from 1 (bad) to 5 (excellent). This Real Device test uses an objective test, calculating the MOS scores based on bitrate, packet loss ratio, and (for video) resolution. Objective tests limit the range of scores from 1.0 (poor) to 4.5 (excellent).